Review 2022 – Is It A Great DOGE Faucet?

Today’s review will focus on, which will provide a brewed platform for you to obtain Dogecoin for free. At firefaucet Win website can complete multiple tasks and earn up to nine cryptocurrencies. These activities include surveys, offers and watching videos. These are very standard things, but what makes firefaucet What makes win different? For you at firefaucet You can earn activity points for each task completed on the win website. Make enough money and you can upgrade. Each level will earn a multiplier of 0.01 times for all your claims and a small amount of bitcoin satoshis. Complete firefaucet Win’s offerwalls will quickly improve your level – this system will greatly increase your total revenue.

What’s FireFaucet?

FireFaucet is one of the best ways to earn free cryptocurrency currently available. It’s not a normal Faucet, it’s more like a Surfbar. You start it and it claims one or more cryptocurrencies of your choice automatically. It’s really well paying and the best thing is, it’s fun. That’s worth a lot, not a lot of Faucets manage to motivate you to be active on their site like FireFaucet does.

How Does Work?

In order to be able to collect free cryptocurrencies automatically on Firefaucet you will need to first collect ACP(Auto Claim Points). There are multiple ways of collecting ACP:

Everyday you receive ACP for free by collecting a present you’ll find in your account

Visit shortlinks and complete various tasks for free ACP

Collect ACP from ACP faucet

A different tab will open which will offer you detailed information about how the collecting process works ( When is the next payout going to be completed, how many satoshis have you collected so far and how long it will take until you run out of ACP points and the auto faucet stops).

Every claim costs 1 ACP for each coin in particular. So for example if you want to claim 5 coins at the same time you’ll have to pay 5 ACP points per each automated claim. Additionally you can set your auto collect feature to offer you 2x, 3x or 4x the value of a claim. Of course this would increase you earnings but in the same time you’ll have to pay more ACP per claim. For a 2x bonus for example you’ll have to pay 2 ACP for each coin in particular. Referral Commission

The referral program is one of the best ways to make money from such websites (faucets) because you’ll earn commissions from everything that your referrals collect from the website.

Firefaucet offers a 20% commission from every single claim your referrals make using the auto faucet.

How Can I Earn Cryptocurrencies at FireFaucet?

First, you have to earn some Auto Claim Points, also called ACP. As soon as you have some ACP, you can start to claim. You can choose if you want to spend 1, 2, 3 or 4 ACP every minute. If you choose 4, you use up 4 ACP but also get 4 times the amount of the cryptocurrency you chose. You will ask now, why would anybody pick anything other then 4, right? Well, for every claim you make, you get 1 “Activity”. With enough “Activity”, you level up. For every level up, you get some Satoshis for free and the amount of cryptocurrency you get for each claim also rises. That means, the higher you level, the more you earn.

The earnings on such websites as faucets depend a lot on how much time you spend on them. The earnings can start from a couple cents and they can go up to a couple of dollars daily. Referrals are a great way to improve your earnings since you receive 20% from everything they are earning.

How Can I Get ACP and Activity at FireFaucet?

The cool thing is, for nearly everything you do at FireFaucet, you earn ACP and Activity. For example, you can solve shortlinks. Depending on the shortlink, you earn between 40 and 50 ACP. Also, for every shortlink you solve, you get a bonus of 1 % for the next shortlink. The bonus resets every day, but you can easily earn a lot of ACP there.

FireFaucet also has a Faucet, you can claim once every 30 minutes. You get a random amount of ACP for every claim. FireFaucet also offers a lot of different offerwalls. Offerwalls though face the same problem as everywhere, if you don’t get your reward for doing an offer, FireFaucet can’t help you and you have to contact the offerwall directly.

FireFaucet also offers some tasks and PTC ads to earn ACP. The PTC ads need to stay in focus, that makes them tedious to do, but they give you 50 ACP per ad. It doesn’t matter what you do to get some ACP, you also get “Activity”.

What’s My Comission for Referrals?

You get 20 % of every cryptocurrency your referral withdraws. That’s important to know, you don’t get anything if they just register and never interact with FireFauet. You only earn from your referrals if they withdraw their Coins. If your referral withdraws for example Ethereum, you get 20 % of his amount as comission. Of course, he doesn’t get any less, you get it as a bonus. Then you can exchange it to a cryptocurrency of your choice, if you don’t want Ethereum. Like this, you always earn your favourite cryptocurrency from your referrals. By the way, you can withdraw directly to your wallet or to FaucetPay, the minimum amount to withdraw depends on the cryptocurrency.

How to Withdraw from Firefaucet?

Keep in mind before withdrawing you’ll need to attach your address for each coin by visiting the Wallet section. You’ll also need to attach your email address from Faucetpay

You’ll be able to withdraw by:

Using FaucetPay which is a microwallet where you can collect satoshis from different faucets

Sending your coins directly to your own wallet

Minimum withdrawal is different for each coin and each method in particular. If you want to see the minimum withdrawal amount for specific coin you can do that by visiting the wallet balance page in your account.

Withdrawals can take up to 48 hours to be sent and you will also only be able to withdraw maximum 10$ (converted in each coin) daily. The maximum withdraw will increase as your level gets higher on the website.


FireFaucet is a great site. The payment is good and it’s really a lot of fun. I absolutely detest shortlinks and I never do them except at FireFaucet. The whole system is genius and it’s a lot of fun to level up. If I am near a level up, I sometimes solve some shortlinks just to get that level up today. FireFaucet manages to keep their users motivated perfectly.

The admins of FireFaucet are also really communicative and they inform you quite often if something new comes up. They are working really hard to improve FireFaucet and they tell you exactly what they are working on. That’s a great sign and shows, that the are a legit business. Sadly, like most Faucets, the admins stay completely anonymous, that means you have absolutely no way to do anything if they suddenly decide to shut FireFaucet down. That’s why you should always withdraw your money as soon as you are able to. Like that, you don’t lose much if they go bankrupt or try to scam people.

But we are pretty sure that they won’t scam anyone, they are online since 2018 and everybody got his money till now. That’s why we can only recommend FireFaucet, it’s one of the most fun and best paying Faucets out there.

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