Coinpayu Review (2022) – Totally Free Dogecoin Faucet for You!

Coinpayu is a PTC site, and let us tell you, it is great. It seriously is great. You just have to register at Coinpayu and then you are able to immediately earn Coinpayu while watching ads. You can also easily create your own advertisments and promote a site of your choice. The site is really well designed and offers an intuitive user interface and a modern look.

Pros and Cons of Coinpayu


  • Ads doesn’t need to be in focus
  • Very high payment
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Paid Surveys


  • No information about the owner
  • The video ads pay too less compared to their other ads

How to Earn from Coinpayu?

  • Option 1 – Coinpayu faucets

A method Coinpayu did not use to have when I first tested the site is faucets where you can claim free cryptos once per hour.

All you have to do is to choose the crypto you want to claim and then click to claim it.

You then have to wait for about 10 seconds and then solve a captcha to get a small reward.

You can do this approximately once per hour for each crypto and there are a lot of crypto faucets to choose from.

Dogecoin faucet
  • Option 2 – Paid ads

What makes Coinpayu a PTC site is essentially this earning opportunity. You will basically be able to earn by viewing ads.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn rewards on any kind of online rewards site. All you really have to do is view an ad for a certain time and you earn the reward.

However, this earning opportunity requires a lot of patience as the rewards are very low – but more about the earning potential later.

Now, with Coinpayu, there are four types of ads you can view: surf ads, video ads, article ads, and window ads. Surf ads and Article ads will ask you to view certain websites.

As you can see in the photo above, when you view all the available surf ads, you will immediately see how much you will earn for viewing the ad as well as how long you need to view it. When you click an ad, it will open a new browser tab and display the site you need to view.

The good thing about this opportunity is, you don’t actually have to view the ad to earn. You can just click the ad you want to work on and let the timer run out. By the way, the timer won’t be displayed in the new tab that will be opened but on the Surf Ads page of Coinpayu instead.

So, you can just check the Surf Ads page to see if the timer has finished (you will know if it is done because it will display a message that you’ve earned the reward). When that happens, you can close the tab with the ad and click on another surf ad to start another round.

For Window Ads, the process is slightly different. The premise is still the same but you actually have to stay on the page that displays the ad for the timer to run. When you click a window ad, it will open a new browser tab displaying the ad.

You will then see a progress bar loading at the top of the page. You have to make sure your mouse cursor is on any area of the page for the progress bar to load.

If you move the cursor out of the page or if you switch to a different tab, the progress bar will stop loading. So, this type of ad will actually demand at least some of your attention to complete unlike the surf ads.

For video ads, the process is similar to window ads. When you click on a video ad, it will open a new browser tab again showing the video you have to watch. You have to solve the captcha first before you can watch the video.

Once you are done with the captcha, just click the play button and you will see the timer on the lower right-hand corner of the page (refer to photo above).

Once the timer reaches 0, it will then change to a Visit Website button. Simply click the button to load the website to complete the process. Once you’ve done that, you will earn the reward for watching the video.

So overall, among the three types of ads, you can view, the easiest one to do is the surf ads. This is also the type with the most available ads you can view and it pays more compared to the other types of ads.

  • Option 3 – Offerwalls

Coinpayu also has offerwalls you can check out to earn additional rewards. Offerwalls are basically in-site advertising platforms that offer short tasks in exchange for a small reward.

These short tasks are usually designed to promote either a website or a mobile app.

The good thing about Coinpayu is that they have plenty of offerwalls you can do. As shown in the photo above, you just have to choose which offerwalls you want to work on. You will then see a bunch of offers you can do.

Most of the offers you will find on their offerwalls will ask you to answer a survey or quiz, play a browser-based game, download a mobile app, or sign-up for a certain website. Each offer will tell you how much you will earn when you complete it.

It will also show you the requirements you need to meet to earn the reward. For example, in the photo above, you will be asked to answer a survey on Yuno. Simply click the Reward button to start the survey. You just have to follow the instructions to complete the survey.

Once you’ve completed the survey and earned the reward, the offer will be completed and the reward will be credited to your account. It is important to note that the offers on their offerwalls pay significantly more than their paid ads.

So, in my opinion, this is the better earning opportunity in terms of earning potential. You just need to make sure you follow all the instructions given to earn the reward.

How High is Coinpayu Referral Commission?

We don’t know why, but Coinpayu decided to hide the information about the referral commission a bit. But if you check their FAQ, you see that you will get 20 % of everything your referral earns. He doesn’t earn less, you just get it as a bonus from Coinpayu. You also get 20 % from everything your referral spends on ads. That’s really great, because it’s easy to earn a few hundred Satoshis every day from Coinpayu and if you manage to get a few active referrals, you will easily earn a lot of Satoshis just from the referral commission.


If we had to describe Coinpayu with one word, it would simply be “great”. It pays really well, the design is intuitive and everything works great. The ads are easy to watch and you can even do them besides other stuff. There are only a few sites out there that are this great like adBTC and we wholeheartedly recommend to use every one of them. It’s easy to withdraw your money, because the payment is that good. It will only take a few weeks till you can withdraw your money, even if you have no referrals. You should try Coinpayu right now, believe us, it is THAT good. You will not regret it.

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