ESFaucet Review 2022 – Is It A Scam or Legit?

You do realize there are a lot of Dogecoin faucets? However, the number of reliable multi-cryptocurrency faucets is very small. As a result, I made the decision to create one of the faucets that crypto faucet enthusiasts use the most frequently today.

If you believe your earning potential to be lower than this, you may be mistaken because the faucet I’m referring to enables you to claim an infinite number of faucet coins. I am indeed referring to the ESFaucet review. let’s start our review now.

Esfaucet Overview

According to the website, ESFaucet is the multi-cryptocurrency faucet that offers users free cryptocurrency every minute and every second thanks to its multi-currency features.

A faucet that lets you claim (every 5 minutes) the following cryptocurrencies is a multicoin faucet:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin
  • Basic attention token
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum classic

you also earn The local ES-coin token of the website, which can be used for bonuses as well as withdrawals, is useful.
Each day that you submit at least one claim for each cryptocurrency, you will also be credited with a bonus. Your daily bonus will drop to zero if you forget to claim for one day, and you will need to make at least one new claim to restart it.
Referrals receive 2500 ES-coin bonuses for sponsorship, and you receive 20% of all claims if someone you refer uses them.

Pros And Cons For Esfaucet


  • PTC Ads don’t need to stay in focus
  • No fee for withdrawing to Coinbase
  • Own ES-Coin
  • Great Youtube Channel
  • A lot of Statistics


  • Really high fees if you don’t withdraw to Coinbase
  • Different projects – problems for beginners
  • Way too many ads

What Is Escoin?

ESFaucet owns the cryptocurrency ESCoin, but it is not tradable. Simply use a faucet to claim the coin, then exchange it for another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dogecoin on the website.

You can earn about 100 coins on each claim by visiting their faucet page. You must wait 25 minutes before reclaiming your ESCoin since the claiming window lasts for 25 minutes.

You must complete the hCaptcha captcha, which is the worst type to use and is very annoying.

Easy Methods To Get Began With Your First Claim

We’ll show you how to start making claims on the ESFaucet in this article.

The first thing to do is sign up with a pockets supplier. Because they have been around for a while and have excellent customer support, we advise starting with Coinbase or Blockchain.

Visit your pockets vendor next to approve a withdrawal request from your account. Once the Esfaucet has given their approval, this request will be sent to them and processed automatically.
For this step, if you’re using Blockchain, you should use their website or mobile application. Use their mobile app or website to submit the withdrawal request if you’re using Coinbase.

As soon as the withdrawal is authorized by Esfaucet, it can take about 1-2 days

The website PTCO.BTCNewz provides a Faucet in addition to various ways to earn cryptocurrency. The positioning’s design is unique at first. No matter how you feel about it. I still don’t understand how the website functions, and it is a complete mess. You might be able to earn Bitcoins by watching commercials if you decide to sign up. The navigation is terrible, but there is also a Dashboard and other options. However, if you visit their website, you can find a special Dashboard with additional ways to earn Bitcoin. It’s an odd system, and I’m not sure why they designed it in this way, but it’s fairly difficult to browse and find things.

The owner of the tap and all cryptocurrency projects appears to be from Canada; the company is called Euryalos Studios, which creates independent/arcade games. In 2019, it was founded. No less than, that is what our research revealed. And it appears that they have been compensating customers ever since the tap was first installed.

While in use, it also broadcasts far too many commercials. Pop-ups, movies, and other annoying advertisements appear as you click on one thing. ESFaucet requires some getting used to; it’s fairly complicated and challenging to understand, especially for beginners. ESFaucet has advanced thanks to related projects that are similar to Firefaucet and Coinpot.

Esfaucet Offers Upgrades With Es Coins

Even though the profits are rather meager, ES Coins can be used to upgrade them. In their marketplace, a variety of goods are available for purchase. Pop-Ups and other annoying advertisements, for example, can be temporarily disabled. Sincerely, that is very stupid. You must use their website while they have these extremely annoying advertisements in order to earn ES Coins, which can then be used to temporarily block some of the advertisements and earn you more ES Coins and a few Bitcoin. That idea is ridiculous. Faucets must have advertising to survive, of course, but if they prevent you from using the site effectively because of persistent Pop Ups or Video Overlays, it is just unpleasant to use.

Additional Upgrades are also available, but they don’t really merit your time. Simply use ESFaucet to claim Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, they operate a few other unremarkable websites. The company behind ESFaucet / PTCO-BTCNewz is known as Euryalos Studios, and on their Facebook page, they identify themselves as a small independent gaming and software development studio. Their YouTube account is the only thing that sets them apart. Many of their movies are very well-made, with very lovely voices. In contrast, the background music in some other videos is so loud that it makes them very difficult to watch. We have no idea why their movies have such a wide range in quality, but if you’re curious to learn more about Bitcoin, feel free to visit their Youtube channel.


Time-wasters shouldn’t include ESFaucet. The website is difficult to use, earns low to medium earnings, and may be heavily ad-filled. The earnings are far too meager, and it doesn’t feel enjoyable to use their faucet to make claims. However, everything appears to be in working order, and they have paid out customers over the previous two years (we found numerous payment proofs on numerous web pages), so we believe it is safe to use ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz.

Although I can’t say whether or not the owners are experts at their jobs—they appear to be game and software developers—it is clear that they aren’t talented web designers. Their YouTube channel demonstrates their ability to produce movies of a high caliber, and they should keep moving forward. At the moment, it appears that the usability of their Crypto Faucet was not given much thought.

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